Trevor's Pizza Relaunched

Trevor's Pizza re-launches, June 16, 2020! Thanks so much for your patience and for your support, as I got back up and running after 4 years. This time we are back for good! 

Looking forward to delivering your Pizza Dough and Sauce!

Trevor's Pizza fanatically produces small batch, 3-day aged pizza dough and 4 hour simmered, delicately seasoned tomato sauce, in individual, quick frozen portions. Easy to use, incredible to eat! And simple instruction videos that will make you into the pizza chef you have always wanted to be.

“We're hooked! Your pizza is in regular dinner rotation or there is family mutiny!”
"Trevor's Pizza made me look like a pizziola rock-star!"

And if you fancy learning to mix and proof your own dough or simmering your own sauce, Trevor himself will teach, coach and hand hold you through the process with in person, in home or video conference Pizza making lessons.

About Trevor's Pizza

Trevor's Pizza is a frozen pizza dough, frozen pizza sauce company. You get to enjoy the best pizza in the world, in your kitchen, with the most difficult part of the work done for you. Just supply your favorite cheese and toppings. 

Currently, Trevor's Pizza is being produced out of Trevor's home kitchen, used by both Trevor and his family. As such, customers will be Family and Friends, who understand the kitchen is not a commercial, stand-alone facility. While sanitation and cleaning standards meet or exceed those of a commercial kitchen (Trevor is a Red Seal Certified Journeyman cook and worked as a restaurant cook and pastry chef for 8 years), being a shared space means that from a regulation stand-point, I cannot offer to sell Trevor's Pizza/Sauce to the general public. However, if a client is referred (a friend of a friend), I am happy to add them to the pizza client list. 

Environmental Efforts  

In order to work toward the lowest environmental footprint possible, we have taken the initiative on a few of the packaging and logistic aspects of Trevor's Pizza:

1. There are no labels or instructions on the packaging. All instruction information is available on YouTube - link

2. The portion containers are plastic #4 or #5, fully re-usable. To incentivize re-use, we are offering a 10% discount off your next order, when you return your hand washed containers. Once returned to Trevor's Pizza, they will be machine sanitized in preparation for the next round of dough or sauce.

But you don't have to return them. You can use them as well. The idea is that they do not end up being single use/recycled. Lets re-use as much as possible. 

3. We will work toward a minimum 50% of delivery miles via bike. 

Thanks all for your support! This is the beginning of what will be a years long fun, tasty, eventful journey! Cheers,  Trevor aka TjTheFoodDude

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