Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

How do I use your dough? It's quite wet and hard to handle.

Please visit the "How To" section of the website and in the Video section, click on the "Trevor's Pizza How to Use your Dough and Sauce" video. You'll find, after watching this, the dough is extremely easy to stretch and use.

Do you recommend launching the dough onto a stone, or baking on a pizza pan?

Either works great! If you are launching onto a stone, be sure to flour or semolina your dough well, as the dough is a high hydration dough and can stick if not well floured. Watch the video in the "How To" section of the website, titled "Pizza Stretching and Launching 301" for tips and tricks. If you are using a pizza pan, make sure it is well oiled. Or if you are using one of the Lloyd's Pizza Hex Disks, which I sell on the site, you don't need anything. Those pans are a game changer and well worth the investment.