About Trevor's Pizza

Trevor's Pizza is a small batch frozen pizza dough, frozen pizza sauce company. You get to enjoy the best pizza in the world, in your kitchen, with the most difficult part of the work done for you. Just supply your favorite cheese and toppings. 

Trevor's Pizza is an idea born from a love for great pizza, an abhorrence of takeout pizza prices, a loathing of frozen pizza cheese and toppings, and a taking advantage of (or offering an advantage to) the covid, artisan bread makers that realized they loved the taste and texture of aged dough but hated the work and mess of starters and sponges. 

Enter the frozen, artisan long aged dough and silky simmered sauce of Trevor's Pizza. Everything you love about pizza and nothing you hate, delivered t o your door. 


Trevor's Pizza is being produced in Calgary, and is available to order for delivery to anywhere in the Calgary and surrounding area.  


Environmental Efforts 


In order to work toward the lowest environmental footprint possible, we have taken the initiative on a few of the packaging and logistic aspects of Trevor's Pizza:

1.The portion containers are re-usable plastic. 

2. We will work toward a minimum 50% of delivery miles via bike. 

Community Support - Two Wheel View

For every dollar sold, Trevor's Pizza contributes 5% to Two Wheel View


Two Wheel View is a charity serving youth, providing social and emotional learning using the bike as a learning tool. Youth learn resilience, build community, and chase adventure as they learn about bike maintenance, and in the process earn themselves their very own bike, lock and helmet. Two Wheel View also provides employment training for young adults, bike trips for youth and adults, volunteer opportunities and has a bike shop where you can find your new-to-you ride!

The more pizza you buy, the more you support this amazing group! 

Or to support directly, please go to Two Wheel View Donations

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